torstai 12. huhtikuuta 2012

A Lamp

Hello dear reader. It is time for yet another outfit post today. It was such a pleasantly warm spring day today, it was so nice not having to pile on that much of layers for the sake of keeping warm. Yet it was by no means that warm, either. +10 C, warm breeze of a wind and sunshine.


wool blend blazer: H&M
dress: H&M
leather gloves: Gina Tricot
bag with fringe: Gina Tricot
socks: H&M
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Nasty Gal

 Jewelry is from Kalevala Koru, the tunnels on my earlobes are from Onetribe years and years ago. Also, the sunglasses I'm holding in my hand are from Lindex.

Photos are taken by J.

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  1. hellooo!
    just landed in your blog from your lookbook :)
    love to see ur style :D

    Hello from Indonesia,