tiistai 26. kesäkuuta 2012

I love dresses with pockets.

Hello hello!

I've been, unfortunately and apparently unable to produce coherent text for this blog. For that I apologize. We did celebrate Midsummer here though, and naturally I took a couple of days off of my life and ran around the magical and amazingly simple world of Minecraft. Ahem. (I'd never actually played any computer games before this, only ones that come with the computer like Solitaire!) I enjoy gaming tremendously.


Ok, onto the look here!

(see this look on lookbook here!)

kimono jacket: H&M
off the shoulder top: ASOS
dress: Local Celebrity, from Nasty Gal
leggings: Seppälä
shoes: Bianco
bag: Osis, from Aleksi13
ear adornments: www.bodyartforms.com
triangle necklace: Nasty Gal
other necklace: H&M
rings: Gina Tricot

This is one of my favourite looks of mine. I guess this is just so me. Even though I have golden jewelry and that new minty bag of mine I got from sale, finally, after eyeing it for who knows how long.

I went through my lipsticks today and found this gorgeous one I had totally forgotten about. Aaaaa I like it so! (Señorita by Make-Up Store)

Violet and me, we've been drawn to each other for a short while now. Lavender, lilac, basically just everything that is the sum of red and blue. 

The dress, it's such a comfortable and easy piece of clothing and yes, as you might have guessed, I love it. Hahhah. Oh! And most importantly of all, it has pockets. And skirts/dresses with pockets make me so very happy.

photos by J.

Ok, time to go now. We shall see what happens with the whole posting something else than just looks -thingy in the near future. Got things to do (and a game to play, eh) and visiting my head is once again my good old friend PMS. So, we'll see. 

I wish you, dear readers, a good week!

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