keskiviikko 23. tammikuuta 2013

Disabled and gorgeous, darling!

Hello, dearest readers!

I haven't been able to update this blog of mine in a while because of troubles with my bad health, hospitals stays (again) and because I've been really, really tired due to aforementioned reasons.

But here it is, finally, the first outfit post of 2013, hurrah!

Alas, I only have this one photo, no detail shots or anything fancy like that because of not being well enough for a longer session of shooting my look. But hey, here's one anyway!

faux fur coat: New Look (second hand)
skirt with a pvc front panel: H&M
two pairs of thick tights: Lindex
leather winter boots: DinSko
gloves: H&M
my favourite hat: vintage find from UFF years and years ago
sunglasses: Lindex
black crochet scarf: self-made
bag: Gina Tricot
(black sweater under the coat: Gina Tricot)
walker lent to me by the city

Oh, I actually do have a photo of my make-up, though it's not of a great quality as it's merely a webcam shot. But as make-up is crucial part of an outfit for me, here it is:

disk-shaped ear adornments:
SOS talisman locket from the Red Cross

So there you have it, first of hopefully plenty of outfit posts from this year!

I'll update with new outfits as soon as possible, again. Til then, toodles!

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