torstai 12. heinäkuuta 2012

Magpie and the Blue.

Hello, hello dear readers!

It looks like I'm back, hurrah. Let us go straight into the most important thing in the world: my outfit of yesterday!

(see this look on lookbook here! )

top: H&M
skirt: Gina Tricot
tights: Lindex
socks: H&M
belt: Gina Tricot
cardigan (pictured below): thrifted
bag: thrifted
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, from Nasty Gal
ear adornments:
neckpiece: Lindex
bracelets: H&M Kids, Kalevala Koru
rings: H&M, Lindex

Black black black. It's still going strong, my black phase number whoknowswhat. What I love about wearing  all black ensembles is that one can play with materials and textures so nicely. Well, the same goes for every outfit that's of a one colour only. But anyway.

Black and bling. Black and bling and spikes, still.

Nevermind the weird wrinkly hand in the photo above, please. Heh.

Litas. Yes, they're every other fashion bloggers' faves. They are all over lookbook. And yes, I love them. The thing is, every pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I have are so incredibly comfortable to wear. My funnily shaped feet sit oh so well in them shoes. That must be one of the reasons why they've gained such popularity, especially Litas. Also, they are handsome as f*uck so to speak, and thus rather difficult to resist.

Eyebrows made a comeback! I didn't draw them on for such a long time it felt strange to see my reflection in the mirror with them drawn on at first. And oh the lengths they went to, haha. For years now I've loved to draw my brows all the way down, almost to my hair line, like I did here. 


Gosh how awesome this necklace is! It's bling-y and huge and heavy and gorgeous. I'd been looking for a big necklace like this for a while until I met this sweet piece of jewelry and oh how glad I was to have layed my eyes on it, the perfect "statement" necklace of this calibre and style. 

By the way, I honestly can't stand the word statement this or that piece of accessory or clothing. I don't think I'm able to quite put my finger on the reason why exactly. It's just so... silly?

Ah, I like this photo so much. I like how my lipstick looks here. I've put my dark plum lipstick on only the center of both lips and left the outer corners just be natural. 

Oh! And as you probably have noticed, I dyed my hair blue for a change. I like it so very much and I'm curious to see how it'll look after a while, to what hue it'll fade into.

photos by J.

Phew, now that was that, the outfit I wore yesterday. Tomorrow I turn thirty and will celebrate the occasion in a super relaxed manner with my family and close relatives. I shall, of course, post the outfit I wear tomorrow. 

So see you in a day or two! Toodles, good people!

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  1. hi! u have a very cute blog!) we may follow each other if u want) I'll be very happy!) kisses*

  2. New hair is brilliant! And that nail polish stands out beautifully from the perfect amount of back in your outfit, which I LOVE!