torstai 22. maaliskuuta 2012

The two others

I figured I should introduce our other two kitties as well!

This little fellow is Django. He is small, most playful cat ever and has a tendency to constantly push the limits of the laws of physics by being so fast that it is seriously confusing sometimes. Like, how can he be there when three seconds ago he was on the other side of the apartment? I'm thinking he has found a wormhole or something. Anyway. He is also the official alarm clock cat, haha. For example, today he woke me up by purring loudly right next to my head and nibbling the tip of my nose.

Then there's Vesna Nilüfer the Fair. Our snow cat the shy but curious. She had been living in the local shelter for homeless animals (mostly cats, though) for two years before she came to live with us. I can't believe such a beautiful cat hadn't been given a home sooner. She was really really shy and so used to the life in the shelter that it has taken her a lot of courage to come out of her shell so to speak. But for a cat enthusiast like me it's been such an amazing opportunity to learn more about cat behavior by watching her slowly but surely getting back her self-confidence and the courage to play by herself, get the usual after-going-to-the-litter-box-crazies and getting closer to us humans and so on. Even the sounds of daily normal life in human company was such a confusing thing at first.

She was, naturally, used to the company of other cats and has gotten along well with our other feline friends from day one.

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