keskiviikko 21. maaliskuuta 2012

20 things.

As I'm avoiding Mr. Sandman here by hanging out in the internetz, I thought about making a list of things that strike my fancy. Just random things.

1. Avocados. I love them so much, but it's few and far between, the times I actually eat them because it's a bit difficult to find good ones in grocery stores around here.

2. Antelopes. They have horns and they are beautiful.

3. CATS. No need to explain I think. (see previous entries)

4. Swing music. Soothes my soul and always manages to turn the sides of me mouth upwards.

5. Statuettes of Egyptian gods/goddesses. 

6. Shoes. Oh dear, and my addiction is only getting worse it seems. I've totally lost count of how many pairs I have. It's not that bad, I suppose, but more than enough still. Oops.

7. Water. To drink, to swim in. You know, just... water in all of it's, uhm, waterness (and that I just made up, that word, I think)?

8. The changing of the season. Living in a place where there are four actual seasons.

9. Tattoos. Have loved them since I can remember. Photos of old time tattooed ladies of the circus have inspired me always. I have quite a lot of them and plan on getting heaps more. I don't plan to post pictures of them per se, but they can be seen in my outfit posts, depending on what I wear etc.

10. Birds. I love to just sit in the garden and watch and listen to birds. Last spring I took on learning the Latin names of all the different birds that inhabit the nearby area.

11. Moving my body in different ways in order to get myself sweating and feeling good. I'm currently in the process of losing weight I gained last year after I broke my ankle, had surgeries to fix it and then a nerve damage happened and so on. Now that I'm doing ok again, I'm enjoying doing sports so so much.

12. Old jewelry. New ones, too, but I prefer things that have stories to them. It's ridiculously difficult to do amazing vintage finds here, sadly. Yes, I guess it's time for me to move into the vast hunting grounds of the internet with this hobby, too.

13. is one of my favourite numbers. I prefer odd numbers to even ones in general for some reason.

14. I hated math in school. Never been good with numbers, me.

15. I love turquoise things. May be apparent, this one...

16. I eat a small bowl of oatmeal every evening.

17. I'm married to a wonderful man.

18. I love taking photos and used to take loads of self-portraits. For some reason I haven't done that so much recently.

19. The history of fashion and costume design has been near to my heart ever since I was but a wee girl.

20. I have a slightly strange sense of humour, though often it's the most mundane things that make me laugh. I love to laugh and do so even at difficult things I encounter in life. Well, at least at some point afterwards I do.

So there. Time to give kitties their antibiotics and then go to bed.

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