sunnuntai 29. huhtikuuta 2012

Your eyes lie

Ah, today was such a lovely day! Running some errands in the spring sunshine made me oh so happy, like a cat laying in the sun. It was almost summery today, suddenly the green is starting to show and flowers are abloom.

Today's outfit was inspired by the sun and flowers. Upbeat and happy, colourful and cheery.

faux leather shorts: H&M
neon red tights: H&M
socks: Gina Tricot
blazer: H&M kids
wedges: ASOS
bag: Gina Tricot
owl pendant:
coconut wood earrings:

photos by J.

Oh! And next post will be something else, something new something borrowed something blue  -wait, no. But something new yes! Til then, toodles!

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