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Five faves, part one : books about fashion

Hello again, dear readers! Today I will start a new "series" here called (imaginatively yes) "Five faves". In each part of this series I will write about my five favourite - what ever things related to fashion, trends, aesthetics I hold dear to my heart.

So, without further ramblings, here are five books having to do with fashion that have made perhaps the biggest impressions on me during the course of my life.

(All these following photographs are taken by me and would greatly appreciate it if you'd not use them without my permission or without linking them back to my blog. Thank you!)


(title translates something like this: The fashionable dress throughout the times)

This is the first book that introduced me to the wonderful world of fashion when I was but a wee girl. This book is my grandmother's and at her home I marveled at all the fascinating drawings the book holds.

And after the photos come a text part, about the history of fashion from Egypt to "our time", which in this case, as you can see in the photo, is fifties/sixties, i.e. the time the book was written. Such a charming book!


(the title translates something like this: The western dress from antique to our days)

This is, if my memory serves me as it should, my first very own book of fashion history. Yet another charmingly illustrated book that young me found so very interesting. I don't remember how old I was exactly when I got this particular book, but it, too, has remained as a fave to these days.

In addition to the pictures, there are parts for info about all the individual dresses a bit more. I really like this way of demonstrating this!


Then, oh then it is time for my precioussss book about a collection by Christian Lacroix. Oh how I love this book! The design of the book itself is a masterpiece, for a creative person like myself reading through this book always brings inspiration and joy. I think a book like this to exist is a blessing in itself. Here are a few more photos of it!

Ooooh! I just love his sketches! And even the back of the book is beautiful.


The good ol' Fruits. I have had a few other books about street fashion and styles, but unfortunately I don't have them any more. But this I do have and hold and cherish still, although it has been a while since this one was published. The reason I chose Fruits to be on this list is that it perhaps opened my eyes even more to all the wonders of just... not giving that famous f*ck about what other people think. Or what society thinks, what are norms and how there's not much of a obligation for a person to follow them (work outfits, school uniforms etc, of course are an exception).

The beauty of this book, to me, is in the wonderful, wonderful variety of colours and shapes and styles and mixes of styles it holds on it's pages. Such a great source of inspiration.


i-D, my love. And this book, well, it was simply a must-have for me back when it was published. I love the way the book is designed, the aesthetics of the magazine translated into a huge book about designers oh so interesting and fascinating.

This book was (and still is!) dear to me back when I dreamed of a career of a fashion designer and studied clothing/fashion designing. I dreamt of getting a spot on a book like this myself one day, haha, but no, seriously that drove me forward at the time. Nowadays it's actually heaps more about the photography for me, this book's biggest merit and personal interest. Or I don't know. Haha.


Taschen has, for years and years now, been a household name among my fave publishing houses. And I shall remain forever thankful for them for making such a delicious book about fashion and it's history - with photos of actual pieces! Perfection! Bliss!

Be still, my little seamstress heart that still beats somewhere in there, hehheh! All the glorious photos that show in great detail the painstakingly amazing work that's been needed for all those beautiful clothes shown in the book to have been born into life, both back then and now.


Phew! There it is, the first of plenty of post such as this! Fear not, if books are not your cup of tea, there will be posts about shoes, hair, dresses, different sorts of accessories - what have you!

Also, I gladly take ideas on what to write about, so feel free to add a comment if you have an idea of what you would like to see here!

(Thank you, dear reader, for making this far if you actually made it this far!)

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