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Five faves, part II: about my body

It's about time for a part two of this thingy, don't you agree?

Here goes!

As I went through the list of all the things to write these five fave posts about, I somehow ended up with deciding to write about me.

As you, dear reader, already may have guessed, I like to talk about myself. I like taking self-portraits, I like posting photos of my looks in the net. I'm an exhibitionist to a certain degree. I don't take myself too seriously, but I am serious when the situation calls for such an outlook on things.

So making a list of five fave things about my body was... well, a natural thing to do? Let me introduce myself to you, reveal a bit more of who I am, pour my heart here for you to read.

1st thing

My feet. The parts of this body I inhabit that I stand on, walk on, live my life on.

I broke my right ankle in January '11, had a cast on my leg for eight weeks. Went under two surgeries during which a metal plate and five screws on one side and two screws in the other side were inserted. Drilled into me. First operation left me with a damaged nerve and unimaginable neural pain. Three weeks in hospitals, being wheeled and carried from place to place and finally walking. With my own feet, with the help of a walker (that I named Texas).

I'm still on medication for the nerve pain, but my ankle works. I can walk, I can jump, I can dance and I can run. I feel thankful for these things every day. 

My feet take me to places, walk me on streets familiar and unfamiliar. My feet I dress in pretty shoes. My feet have five toes in them per feet. Toes are small and wonky, just like me.


2nd thing

Nose. Yeah, my nose. I've spent many a year hating my it because it looks the way it does. It is small, pointy, the tip of it hangs low. My nose is also kind of narrow, too. 

Nowadays I love my nose for all those reasons above. Because it looks the way it does. But most importantly of all, because someone I love taught me to love it by seeing it's beauty and telling me about it. Getting used to the idea of having a great nose took some time to sink in, of course. There were days when I stared myself in the mirror hating the low-hanging tip of the thing in the middle of my face.

I had longed for a septum piercing for many years but hadn't done anything about it because I was so afraid of being myself I hid under an exterior that didn't match with the inside. When I learned to be myself, to like my nose, I had it pierced. I liked it so I put a ring on it.


I can smell things. Nose is nice.


3rd thing

My ass. Posterior. The cushioned thing I sit on. It is soft and round and relatively big. Shapely, if I may say so myself, hahhah!

My bum is yet another thing I used to vigorously hate. It was too big, of course. Way way way too big. Something happened - most likely time - and now we are friends, my ass and me. It has cellulite on it. It has stretchmarks on it. It has gotten slightly droopier with time, but it's okay, I don't mind.


4th thing

My hands. They are small. Tiny. Rather average looking, I suppose. I don't have incredibly long fingers or super-polished and manicured nails. The joints in my fingers are over-bendy and that was one of the reasons I stopped playing the piano as a kid. The joints started to get locked and it was hell of a problem when playing. Ugh, it wasn't nice at all. They still do that, for example when I write like this, on my laptop. Especially when I write for a longer time. My fingers also get achy easily. Sometimes to the point of them being of no use at all.

As a tiny toddler I used to admire my Grandma's gorgeous red nails. My favourite moments for observing them was when she let water to the bathtub for me to bath in. Her agile fingers with their screaming red nails underwater, moving slowly as she made sure the water was the right temperature.

I've always liked having semi-long fingernails. I've also loved painting them since I was small. And rings! Rings I love wearing. My fingers are agile, just like Grandma's. I'm good at thing having to do with handicrafts. I knit and sew, draw and write a lot and it's all made possible by my nice fingers. They come in very handy oftentimes.


5th thing

My eyes. The one thing I have always liked about me. They're green with little of warm brown here and there. They are really average shape and size-wise. Nothing special there. But I like them. I love having green eyes. 

I've spent a lot of time staring at my eyes in the mirror because I've loved putting on make-up since I was nine or something like that. It's a very important and a very dear form of self-expression for me, make-up. And naturally eyes are rather a big part of wearing make-up. I have endless amount of love for just trying out different hues and shapes to see how it changes how my eyes look. Putting on make-up is actually one of the not so plenty of things that help calm me down if I am nervous or anxious. Especially the part when I apply eye make-up. There's just something so soothing about it, haha!


Phew. There. Thank you and congratulations if you made it this far!

all photos taken by me or J. 

If you want to use my photos, please be kind and link them back to my blog! Thank you!

Next installation of this series coming sooner!

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