tiistai 22. toukokuuta 2012

Once upon a guinea pig

As a wee Emma, I had guinea pigs as pets. They lived under the sofa and liked to roam around the living room in the evening sun making the most adorable sounds.

see this look on lookbook here!

top: H&M some years ago
denim shorts with faux leather panels: Gina Tricot
fishnet tights: H&M
ankle boots: Bianco
turquoise necklace: thrifted
wing pendant: Spiritstore
ear adonments: www.bodyartforms.com
rings and bracelet: Kalevala Koru

The whole business about the guinea pigs has to do with the humorous thing I do with my partner, which is calling these kinds of "big eyed awww" photos of me guinea pig pictures. Why, I don't actually know. I look more like a hamster oftentimes in such photos, methinks. Oh well. Hah.

See?! HAMSTER, clearly!

photos taken by J.

Guest stars in order of appearing: Valpo the Queen, Django (aka Nekku) the Cute

No rodents were harmed during the shooting of these photographs.

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