keskiviikko 27. kesäkuuta 2012


Today it's been a crazy day when it comes to the weather. Monsoon-like rain then sunshine then thunder then an even bigger thunder then suddenly clear blue sky and rain and so on. Finnish summer, oh you!

(see this look on lookbook here!)

top: H&M
shorts: H&M
socks: H&M
bag: Gina Tricot
choker: Lindex
owl pendant: from a handicraft market
eye pendant: Gina Tricot
bracelets: Kalevala Koru
rings: Kalevala Koru, Lindex, H&M

Valpo the Queen wanted to help a bit with the taking the photos by making them prettier with her presence. 

I'm so tired I'm out of words right now, I find. Yet I want to finish this blog entry. Hmm.


I cooked today. It was so nice to just hang around in the kitchen, by the stove and the sink and simultaneously prepare delicious, simple vegan food and do the dishes. I haven't been feeling like cooking for a long time, but I've got it back it seems, the love for cooking.

My ass, right there. Hehe.

Snakey-snakey shoes. I've got a similar pair in a grandma rose romantic whatdoyoucallit print, I've had them on on a few looks. I love the combination of shoes looking ridiculously tall (and being that, certainly) and being easy to walk in. That's what these shoes are. 



photos taken by J.

That was that.

Oh! Happy Pride week, Helsinki!

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