torstai 16. elokuuta 2012

Bless the excess!

Well well, g'day my dearest reader!

Despite of having had a nasty flu for a week now, one that turned into an upper respiratory system infection (antibiotics - weehee) I had an appointment I needed to attend to and miraculously enough, I felt a lot better in the morning today and out and off I went, hurrah!

My wishes for a fall swiftly coming got delayed quite some for it's been summery, sunny and hot hot hot for a couple of days now. And there I was, dreaming of getting to wear my new oh so pretty purple beret this week... But as inevitable as it can be, seasons change, luckily and I will get to enjoy the scarves and berets and mittens soon enough anyway.

Now, onto the look!

(see this look on lookbook here!)

dress: Ark&co.,  from Nasty Gal
socks: H&M
shoes: Litas by Jeffrey Campbell, from Nasty Gal
bag: MyBag, from Aleksi13
ribcage neckpiece: OS
bracelets and rings: Kalevala Koru
sunglasses: Lindex
hair flowers: H&M

Oh my goodness it felt amazing, getting to be out of the house for a change! Being sick is ok, but not getting to roam free in the fresh air is what always bothers me. Anyway, today saw a very welcome change to that!

I was so happy to be wearing this dress. I adore it so. It's got those perfect roses printed on it, the open shoulder/sleeve is so comfortable - and beautiful too. Oh and guess what? 

That's quite the right answer, dearest reader, yes, the dress has pockets in it. Bliss!

I kept the bling at minimum, only wearing my beloved Kalevala Koru pieces.

(Marika, this photo is for you as well!)

Flowers! Omg so girly I can't even    , but I could anyway! Hahah. These little hair clips have roses in perfect shades for my taste and here they are, in my hurrrs. 

Today was also a black lipstick day. Way too few of them days, lately. Must fix this.

The ribcage neck piece. Ah! It's such a delight to wear it. Thus I wear it often. La laa!

Oh dear, my roots look rather dreary. But being ill means no hair operations. Said operation to follow asap. Have I mentioned that I do my own hair? I've done it since I was just a wee 15 year-old me. No education, just trial and error and finally success, too. Hah. Oh well. Let us move on, to the last picture of the bunch.

I f*cking love this photo, oh hahhahhaa! See, there was this overly eager bee/wasp/whatever (I didn't inspect it that close. I think it inspected me much closer, heh). And with it's vigor it just wanted to I don't know, give me a gentle kiss, maybe? For I was wearing flowers everywhere. Or it took a liking to my perfume (Chanel number five at the moment, of course)? Anyway. I'm not scared of bees nowadays, I somehow managed to get rid of my fear of small flying things hovering in my personal space year or two ago. But when a prime example of a small flying thing wants to enter one's mouth the situation calls for a time-out. And that we got, and photos of me not looking like that, them we got as well. As you've seen here.

photos by Jussi, as per usual

I need try and rest now, for this darn illness I do not want getting any worse than it already is.

Toodles for now, dear readers! Be well!

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  1. your outfit looks very edgy and nice! i love your hair and your blog is very good :)) you can check out my latest post if you like. keep in touch!


    1. Thank you so so much!! What a nice comment! I'll go check out your blog now!

  2. wow, I totally love your style*_* very nice blog, you've got a new follower now :)

  3. love the look! Amazing necklace! xx

  4. Wow, you look gorgeous! :D I love your hair! :3
    Nice blog!


  5. Fantastic look!I love the dress!
    I like your blog!
    I appreciate your opinion about my blog.Join the site!
    I follow you!
    Kisses Anellle

  6. your dress is awesome!!!
    I love this outfit!!!