maanantai 3. syyskuuta 2012

Apples in a tree and me in shorts.

Hello there, reader dear darling!

Just like I thought, life has been busy times billion this month! For that reason my posts are so few and far between. But there's a good chance for things to look up on the look post front. Let us hope for that!

A busy bee as I am, this look was photographed in a bit of a hurry, but there are just enough pictures to fill this post nicely.


(see this look on lookbook here!)

faux leather jacket: Gina Tricot
shorts: Motel Rocks, from Nasty Gal
shirt: Gina Tricot
knee-highs: H&M
boots: London Rebel, from ASOS
bag: My Bag, from Aleksi13
belt: thrifted
sunglasses: Lindex
necklace: used to belong to my grandmother
rings: Lindex, H&M
bracelets: my trusty Kalevala Koru ones I wear almost daily

As well as being in a hurry, I also had a difficult time keeping myself from being a complete idiot in front of the camera. 




Ah there! A decent photo!

It's been such a while since I've written here that I keep forgetting what to say. Umm.

This look came together really smoothly even though it was so very early in the morning. (The current things in life require me to get up at six or seven o'clock, gasp. I actually enjoy it tremendously, being awake at such hour. I love the ways of the world when the day is still fresh and new.)

The shorts are a comfy pair and it doesn't hurt that they got my favourite print on them. Loops for a belt is a great plus, too! Hah, I have been wearing plain old stretchy materials for so long now it seems, that I've forgotten the niceties of other materials and items made from them. Meaning that, for example, I didn't remember how useful belt loops are - or that they even do exist!

I seem to be having some sort of fall-y, flirty relationship with pants as of late. I don't remember when was the last time I wore a skirt, for goodness' sake! Oh wow, perhaps I have grown tired of skirts after feeling really comfortable in them for a change (as this hasn't always been the case). 

A close-up of the jewelry minus the bracelets, you've seen them so many times now. Hahhah!

The necklace is especially dear to me since it is my grandmother's old. She has always had the best taste in jewelry and I've been so happy to receive some from her collection.

Mixing different styles of jewelry is something I completely shamelessly love. Old and new, "real" and not-so-real (silver or not), cheap and expensive-ish, I don't care. Or rather, I do care, but have no respect for boundaries between different styles, genres, whatever.

That same could be said about my way of dressing myself. Accessories, make-up, hair style, I sincerely am just me.

And to that shocking conclusion we shall end this little session of me writing and you reading this.

photos by Jussi

I shall return as soon as possible. Til then, take care and be well!

edit: a warm thank you to each of you new followers! I'm so so happy to have you here, I hope you enjoy your stay! <3

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