tiistai 13. maaliskuuta 2012

Of nails and birds, among other things.

Tuesday. Two of the four feline creatures living with me are sick with flu and are to be taken to the kitty doctor later today. I painted my nails turquoise. The nail polish is still drying as I type.

I don't really know what to say, what to write here, now. This whole blogging thing is new to me still. But I'll get going with this soon, I know it. Something about fashion and clothes, probably quite something about cats, about living in this fascinating country (wait, did I just say that Finland is fascinating? oh well... ) and about the changes the nature goes through during the yearly cycle. Something about birds because I love birds and most likely quite a lot of photographs. Everyone likes to look at pictures, right? I do.

I need to take a sip of water and then do my make-up and think about my outfit for today because I like to think things like that. I like to think about a whole lot of other stuff as well, but there are times and places for everything and now it is time for things having to do with painting my face.

I'll return, soon.

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