perjantai 4. toukokuuta 2012

Flowers and studs and everything nice.

Hi there! Yes, it is that time again! So, let's take a closer look.

blazer: H&M kids
scarf: can't remember anymore, oops!
shirt: H&M
leggings: Gina Tricot
wedges: Bianco
bag: My Bag, from Aleksi13
belt: Gina Tricot
bracelet: Kalevala Koru
rings: Kalevala Koru and Gina Tricot
sunglasses I hold in my hand: vintage

I've been going through mid season sales everywhere, and managed to find that cute bag yesterday, so of course I had to take it with me today as I went running errands.

For some reason my face didn't want much of co-operation with camera, so onto the silly pictures we go, haha!

Like a little monkey, hahhahhaa! 


... derp!

Photos taken by J.

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