perjantai 25. toukokuuta 2012

I turned into a Martian

Hello there, dear reader!

I went about my businesses around the city today with Misfits stuck in my head - could have been a lot worse!

(see this look on lookbook here ! )

jumpsuit: ASOS Petite,
my beloved silver wedges: also ASOS
bag: My Bag, from Aleksi13
ring and bracelet: Glitter
ear adornments:

I like how I look without eyebrows.

Some really nice lady commented on my shoes today while I was roaming round the city. "Your shoes are so lovely!" , paused for a while to look at them more and then said "such, such great shoes!" It made me so happy!

This is the first time ever I have pastel nail polish on my nails. I think I like them, but it requires at least some black for me to not feel totally like someone I'm not, hahah!

photos taken by J.

I hope you all have a great Friday and a great weekend, it's the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday and although, I'm ashamed to admit, I haven't watched the semifinals at all and know nothing of the performers or performances this year, as a life-long fan I just may have to watch it come tomorrow evening.

Be safe and be well!

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