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A week in (mostly) monochrome - day I

Good Monday, dear readers!

This week shall be, I decided, dedicated to my great love black & white. And because I love challenging myself, this week will give me that as well. I will post an outfit daily this week. The overall look of the outfits will have to be black & white. Those are my rules!

I'm so excited to see what I come up with!

day one

(see this look in lookbook here!)

maxi dress: H&M (about a year ago or so)
gladiator sandals: Blink, from
bumbag: Gina Tricot
hematite plugs:
pendant, bracelet and two of the rings: Kalevala Koru
rest of the jewelry: assorted, from here and there during the last ten years
umbrella: can't remember!

This outfit was first and foremost put together because I wanted to combine the bumbag with this particular dress. The rest of it just came to be like that. It was a windy yet warm day today, overcast (for a change!) with the possibility of rain. So with me my umbrella had to come and dangling it from the belt of the bumbag felt logical a thing to do.

I'm so madly in love with these gorgeous gladiators of mine! They are incredibly comfortable and because of the slight heel (that's inside the shoe, difficult to explain but it's kind of visible in the photo above), they are comfortable as can be. At least for my feet.

The bag. A bumbag ohmegod! Anything is possible, dear reader, as we can see if we use this case of me and my freshly acquired bag as an example. Heheh. I love all things practical. I can't bare the thought of a bag that's not good to use. Poor materials and energy that's wasted in making such things! Practical, that is what a bumbag is, I tell you. Well, at least for me. I love having my hands free when I roam around and this gorgeous little bag gives me that freedom. And I love the way it looks, of course.

So: I have a bumbag now and anything's possible.

photos taken by J.

Check back tomorrow to see what I'm wearing on the second day of this week of monochrome goodness!

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