torstai 31. toukokuuta 2012

A week in (mostly) monochrome - day IV

day four

(to view the look in lookbook, click here!)

top: Gina Tricot
skirt: Lindex
tights: H&M
shoes: Vagabond
collarbone neckpiece: OS
rings: Lindex, Kalevala Koru
bracelet: Kalevala Koru

I'm absolutely loving this monochrome week! I don't know why or how, but somehow I feel like I've been given a whole different sort of creative freedom now, through these "rules" I'm following. It's interesting. And great, needless to say! Perhaps I'm now looking at my clothes from such a point of view that I see them as possibilities and endless amount of option, instead of just... seeing them as my clothes? Oh haha, I'm not good with words today.

These shoes are several years old, worn and awesome. They are so comfortable and pretty and that, my dear reader, is a winning combination. Duh. Eh, anyway. Practical and beautiful and great in every way.

I'm madly in love with this collarbone neckpiece from OS. It's so beautiful oh my goodness I can barely handle it! And the quality, it is amazing. The level of craftsmanship is so so wonderful, the attention to detail in both the way they look and in how good they are in use. Omg it's the winning combination again! Heheh. But in all seriousness, I happily recommend these gorgeous pieces of designer jewelry.

My serious face.

photos taken by J.

I apologize for being in such a stupid mood today. Do come back tomorrow though, for it will be the fifth outfit of the monochrome week you'll be looking pictures of!

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