tiistai 19. kesäkuuta 2012


Hello there, dear readers!

It's been a little while since the last time I posted here. Life, as always, is filled with all sorts of surprises and things and they keep one busy, you know the story. So I've been busy with life, but today I finally got to taking outfit photos for your enjoyment! Hehe.

(see this look in lookbook here!)

faux leather jacket: Gina Tricot
tights: H&M
ankle boots: 2LipsToo, from www.nastygal.com
bag: Osis, from Aleksi13
ear adornment weights: www.bodyartforms.com
necklace: Lindex, if I remember correctly
bracelets: Kalevala Koru
rings: Kalevala Koru, Gina Tricot

guest starring: Valpo the Queen

Oooo the jacket. I've been wanting one just like this for quite some time now and finally managed to find the one from Gina Tricot. I'm very happy, as you can imagine, I'm sure.

And what made the whole thing awesome was the fact that today was a rainy and not so hot a day and that meant getting to wear the darn loveliness that the jacket wholly is.

What was also very lovely was that I received my beautiful dress from little raisin vintage ! It's a great shop, filled with gorgeous goodies and for great prices! Do check it out!

(I found out about little raisin vintage thanks to Madeline and her great blog, this post to be exact ! )

Valpo took part in shooting of these photos. She loves the camera and the camera loves her.

She loves peoples' coats and jackets and loves to sleep on them whenever someone has left their coat somewhere where Valpo has access to it.

photos taken by J.

So there. Next post coming soon! Be well, dear readers!

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