torstai 14. kesäkuuta 2012

B + W

What I wore yesterday. Where are the colours, Emma??

(see this look on lookbook here!)

over-sized lace cardi: thrifted
top with Ika print: KAL/SVART
faux leather shorts: H&M
gladiators: Blink, from
ribcage neckpiece: OS
bracelets: Kalevala Koru
rings: Kalevala Koru, Lindex, H&M

Yesterday was such a hot day, ugh. I was laughing to myself as I was walking down town how I had longed for summer for a long while. Because summer meant not having to wear a ton of layers and still be freezing. Summer meant relaxation, easy clothes, summer shoes (!!!) and basically everything nice.

Yes, it's really nice to be able to wear easy clothes and summer shoes. But I had forgotten one thing that summer also meant: heat. Oh dear. I strongly dislike sweating and sweat enough as it is, thankyouverymuchhormonesetc.

Heat. Of course it is so nice when the weather is sunny and warm, but the last couple of summers we've had here in Finland have been terribly hot and we are just not used to such hot a weather. And extra heat means extra worries for the well being of animals, for example. Elderly peoples' health, chronically ill ones' health and so on. So it's not just about the inconvenience of sweating, it's also about having to take care of not getting a heat stroke. 


Speaking of animal welfare, the tote is something that I use a lot. Every time I go somewhere I have at least one tote bag with me. And this particular one is my fave, not only because it is black and white and super cute, but also because it's from a Finnish animal welfare voluntary association's bag. 

The Ika top is one of my most used garments. It's strange that I only have two looks photographed (including this one) with it. Ika i rutan was a fantastically weird Swedish children's tv programme in the late eighties and that's Ika's face in the print. She was the host and everything else too of the programme.

photos taken by J.

Today I'm going to try and take a day off, just lazily sit on my arse and draw, read or write, get some new ideas down on paper and so on. I hope you're having a nice day, too!

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