sunnuntai 10. kesäkuuta 2012

A week in (mostly) monochrome, part VI

Hello! The first thunderstorm of this summer just happened and I'm overjoyed for several reasons: well, water for all the growing things of course, because I love thunderstorms and because now the looming, pressing headache is gone. Anyway, here's today's look:

day six

(this look on lookbook here!)

dress: Lindex
boots: 2LipsToo, from Nasty Gal
bag: thrifted
ear adornments:
pendant: Kalevala Koru
bracelets: Kalevala Koru and from somewhere a long time ago, haha
rings: Kalevala Koru, Lindex

I love this dress. I'm a weakling for pretty floral prints like this, have always been. But something with that much white, tiny pretty flowers in pretty colours and lace needs something to take it down from the purity and niceness for me to be able to wear it. Hahhah that sounded good!

... Something like studs and sturdy boots, of course! And well, since this is the monochrome week, black. But I didn't want to over-do with black here and I think I managed to balance things out rather nicely.

I talk a lot. With my hands, as well.

Gasp, they are so beautiful!

photos taken by J.

Tomorrow is the last day of this challenge, do check back then to see what I've come with! 

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