maanantai 11. kesäkuuta 2012

A week in (mostly) monochrome, day VII

Drum roll...

day seven

(see this look on lookbook here!)

blazer: H&M Kids
top with faux leather front: Gina Tricot
skirt: Oh My Love London, from
tights: H&M
ankle boots: Bianco
bag: thrift find
belt: Pieces, Only
collarbone neckpiece: OS
ear adornments:
bracelet: Kalevala Koru
rings: Kalevala Koru, Lindex

... And ta dah, here we are, this is the final day of this monochrome thing! For today's outfit I chose black with just white in the collarbone neckpiece and that's all. I wanted this look to be sleek and simplistic, but it turned out perhaps a bit more than just that... oops. Hahhah.

I wanted to use different materials and surfaces in this look, instead of using prints to bring life to the over all look of the outfit.

Lipstick is Lime Crime's "No she didn't". Love it.

There's one of me upside down. Well, partially. With my freshly cut and shaved hair!

photos taken by J.

And that's it for today. New challenge week ideas are already brewing in this little head of mine, so be on the lookout for that in the near future again!

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  1. Fresh hair looking gorgeous!
    And this outfit is lovely!