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Words about this, that and the fashion week, too.

   Greetings, dear reader! 

That was a while, wasn't it? Needless to say I have been busy as with all the new stuff in my life and something has had to give. But I have not abandoned this little corner of mine in the vast wilderness that is the  internet, I most certainly have not! 

While tending to things entirely different I've also given fashion a lot of thought during this silent period of blog-life. I think I may have, in a way that's difficult to put into words I notice, found myself again. I've dived head first into the world of fashion after not giving a shit about it for almost a decade or so. And oh my how thrilling it's felt. See, I started reading fashion magazines when I was at mere fourteen years of age. Dreaming of a career as a fashion designer had been a dream and a goal in life since I was kid and my teenage years I spent passionately in dreams of great gowns and drama.

This likeness to dreams started to dissolve when I attended a school for clothing design. I lost my passion in the mathematics of pattern-making and ridiculously boring (yet intensely interesting) hours of trying to wrap the detailed information of yarn of all sorts around my head - or my head around it, both way's the right way. Anyway, passion got lost, I lost my interest and long were the years I lived without giving even the slightest thought to things fashion-y.

Back in the present moment, I write this with my mind full of ideas, details, pictures of magnificently tailored pieces being walked before civilized audiences. Yes, that's correct. The Fashion Week. Weeks. Of fashion delivered in most exciting ways. By the most intriguing characters also called designers. The artists. Artists that I, perhaps, admire the most. Fashion is passion, art, dreams, reality, everything there ever is and was between good and evil and chaos and order. Art of transformation.

And it's back in my life and I happily let myself be hypnotized by the amazing-ness of it all.

One of the most interesting and thought-provoking aspects about this is the way it all unfolds - like it did before, but now in front of my adult eyes. The transition from a childish dream to a form of art and self-expression rooted deep in me is fascinating a thing to explore. Of course there's still all the drama I love (a Galliano gal I used to be and, for the record, think he's an absolute genious in what he does best, which, as we all here most likely well know, is certainly not being correct in his political views or whatever), the dark sensuality I love. Historical references, oh yes please, theatric anything, anytime! Give me black black black, sharp corners that allure innocent souls into their shadowy world. Glamour as it used to be.

But there's a new love in me as well. As I was looking at Chalayan SS2013 last night I said out loud "and I don't even like sportswear!". As it turns out, I do.

I do like sportswear and could even call this warm relationship love. Oh how things change. And change is good. It's what everything is all about. Duh. 

Ok, this turned lengthier than I meant it to. But I felt it was necessary to let all this burst onto words, all this enthusiasm in me. After all, this is supposedly a blog about fashion and style and life. And I'm living it louder than ever. 

So, this space will be livelier again. Outfit posts are to come - of course! I simply need to stop being lazy about taking pictures of my outfits, damnit. And whether you, beloved reader, like it or not, there's even going to be lots of words about my favourite collections. Fashion week reviews, runways photos and deep analyzing oh my!

Thank you for being here, dear reader. Til next time, take care and be inspired by even the smallest of the most mundane things.

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