keskiviikko 6. kesäkuuta 2012

Paused II; for an unknown while

Hello again. It's yours truly again, reporting from my bed-turned sick-bed. Remember me whining about my head aching about a week ago in one of the outfit posts? Yeah. As it turns out, my pollen allergies have taken the best out of me and have upgraded themselves into a rather nasty case of sinus infection.


Why I am telling you this? Because the last few days left of the  monochrome week will be put on hold for yet some more days. Which sucks donkey balls so to speak, but is not that serious a thing. Anyway. I'm going to leave you with a charming webcam photo I took of myself just now:

There. I shall be back soon, hopefully! Til then, take care and be well and happy, dear readers!

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