tiistai 7. elokuuta 2012

Paused III

Hello, beloved readers.

I just wanted to make a quick post, for it has once again been a while since I've posted here.

My hiatus from proper blogging (- not sure if it's ever even been "proper blogging" here, haha) will continue for a while still. See, this month of August brings a huge change into my daily life and adapting to it both physically and mentally will most likely drain my energies for a moment. I'm still unwell, too, and to be honest, a little anxious about how my body will take the changes that the latter half of this month will bring.

But I'm not letting it drag me too deep into a hole of despair. Spending my time making tiny arty things happen is such a good way of relaxing.

I know I'll be fully back in the blogging life better than ever, just you wait! Hehe. Emma in a pile of clothes (and shoes too, ohmegod my collection of shoes has expanded in such a rapid pace I don't know whether to laugh or cry), version 2.0.

... Or something like that. For now, it's toodles and well-wishes, good thoughts and calm nights for everybody reading this!

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