torstai 11. lokakuuta 2012

It's Alive!!

Aaaand I'm back to black hair. Oh the happiness! I felt like something was out of place for quite some time and then realized - this was some days ago, that yes indeed, I'd grown tired of the blue hair. The turquoise brows. All that. Change is inevitable and my goodness what a blessing it can sometimes be, indeed.

Cough cough.

I'm getting ill, I'm afraid. And while being full of snot and cough and sore throat and watery, puffy eyes and ringing ears and fucked up sense of balance et cetera is far from what I see as "having a good time", I'm ok with it.

I've learned to be ok with things, a lot of them. This fall has been such a good one with all of it's ups and downs and you know, life that's been happening.

Due to the aforementioned crappy feeling in my body I shall refrain from making this post a longer one. Fashion week posts most likely to not be continued, I feel that that train took off a long ago now. Maison Martin Margiela was nice, Comme des Garcons was magical (glorious, absolutely glorious!) and Chanel was a bit of a mess. I'm a fan of Karl's, pretty much everything he does (his aesthetics in photography is so good!), but ungh I don't know. I'm way behind in all that's these fashion weeks. Paris, to be honest is the only one I have  even seen thoroughly! Ah there, now I know what I'll be doing the next few days while I'm tormented by this illness... hehe!

Anyway, my deepest apologies for the absence of outfit posts. I'm on it, I really am!

So. It's toodles for now, take care of yourself and have fun, dearest reader. Til next time!

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